Mmm, Mmm, Mmmmm. Can’t you just taste the exciting flavours of our award-winning hampers just by looking at the photos? We provide chocolate treats, savoury snacks and everything in between, so whether you or your recipient have a sweet tooth or if you prefer a little more salt in your diet; at Hampers With Bite we can all but guarantee to have something for everybody!

Our tasty treats

We are one of Melbourne’s most popular treat making companies and our gift hampers are as affordable as you could possibly imagine. We prefer to let our customers choose how much they’d like to spend on their hampers; this is why we extend completely customisable options for everyone, no matter their budget.

We source our products from the most reliable manufacturers and suppliers in Australia and as we promise to quality control each and every item that we receive; you can rest assured that whatever you spend, your hamper will be world-class in every respect. Once we receive the products that go into our gift baskets we create stylish designs and gift ideas for our customers, so that you can choose a ready-made product, or spend a little more time creating your very own stylish goody hamper.

What do we offer?

What don’t we offer should be the question! From your favourite snacks and treats, right through to the most well-known chocolate brands and more, we offer an astounding range of goodies and components that can be put in a hamper of your choice, or purchased as part of a ready-made package.

We provide:

  • Treats for all budgets
  • Hand-made hampers
  • Exclusive goodie baskets
  • Stylish components
  • Tasty ingredients
  • Accessories, tools and exciting trinkets
  • Much, much more

We understand that no two recipients are the same and that’s why we make sure to provide a fantastic variety of goodies that can be hand-picked to suit your budget and your recipient’s preferences. Whether you’re buying for a loved one’s birthday party, or if you have a wedding to prepare for – we’ll take care of the luxurious gift hampers at the highest quality, while you focus on putting a smile on your recipient’s face.

We are Hampers With Bite and we’d love nothing more than to receive your order right now. Once we get it, we’ll take care of the packaging – all you have to do is sit back and relax while your luxury hamper is sent to your address for your very own personal delivery, or shipped off to your loved one’s home.