What Do Easter Gift Baskets & Hampers Usually Include?

Easter time is a period filled with joy and goodwill – being the time of year that’s believed to be the return of Jesus Christ. As a result, Christians and other religious people will often celebrate the event with Easter gifts such as baskets and hampers. But what is it that makes these types of presents so unique and where can you order one from in time for a loved one to enjoy their gift?

What do Easter gift baskets and hampers usually include inside?

In the majority of cases, Easter is now associated with chocolate. This tradition originally started back in the 18th century, where cocoa beans were widely imported and chocolate makers were able to create iconic symbols in time for the special event. The tradition as continued and that’s why you’ll often see ducks and rabbits made from chocolate – to demonstrate the start of spring in the Western Hemisphere and the rebirth of Christ.

And this tradition has carried over into gift hampers in the sense that most that you’ll find online will either incorporate some type of Easter imagery (either religious or otherwise), or a colour scheme that’s becoming associated with this time of year. Easter eggs are often included within gift baskets and hampers, and these can be branded or unbranded.

If you buy your hamper from a good online company then you will likely find that they offer a selection of tasty chocolate treats – from those that they make themselves, right through to the types that they source from renown suppliers (such as Cadbury’s and Nestle). It’s not just chocolate that you’ll find in these types of gift hampers however; there will likely be other tasty treats, religious icons in some instances and shredded paper which is often used to depict a nest belonging to a bird.